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"Missing" Recycling Bins
Posted on May 27th, 2021

(Adapted from a post on nextdoor)
MUD #37 has changed vendors for trash and recycling pickup, and since Wednesday 5.26.21 was the last day for recycling, WCA picked up the carts, and shortly after, USA Waste Services dropped off new carts.
It came down to money. The difference in the low and high bids was nearly $4.00 per house per month. This translates to a $30,000 annual savings for the MUD. Remember, the MUD provides the waste service to residents for free.
USA Waste is a locally owned business with a sterling reputation.
They will provide the same services as WCA, including back gate pickup, heavy trash day, and recycling. Hopefully, the new company's crew will be as efficient and careful as the crew we all enjoyed for the last years. During the first few weeks in particular, be sure you put your trash and recycling out by 8AM on Wednesday and Saturday.
You should be receiving a door hanger that explains USA Waste rules by Saturday. The tag will address what kind of trash is not acceptable. This includes heavy bags (more than 30 lbs.), construction debris, carpeting rolls, and unbundled landscaping prunings. Branches and limbs will be taken in bundles of 4 feet length or less. Sinks, and toilets are not always accepted. Let the plumber take his waste away.
Contact  your MUD President at 281-769-2846 or email to ammer1807@live.com.  It's better to email him.  
Thanks for your support
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