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Note about the Special Meeting
Posted on Jun 1st, 2019

The board has been getting questions as to the nature of the special meeting.
Hopefully the following will address these questions.
During February, we have the HOA Annual Meeting.  One of the purposes of this meeting is to elect board members.  This year, we had three open positions.    Two of these positions were filled.  One was not.  
According to our advisors,  because a board member was not elected to the open position during the annual board meeting, that puts the seat in hiatus until the next annual board meeting or a special election.       
Previously we had people who showed interest in filling the position, but none that attended one of our monthly business meetings to understand the board member and special election requirements.  As such we have not made the effort to hold a special election.     However, at the meeting during May, an individual came forward to show interest in the position and they stated they would commit to attending board meetings if we held the election.  At this meeting, a proposal was put forth (and passed) for a special meeting in order to fill this position.     As such, we have decided to move forward with the special meeting.   
As with the HOA annual meeting, residents may attend the meeting, nominate themselves or other individuals, and vote.  Votes will be collected and counted in the same way that they are for the annual HOA meeting.  
We encourage every HOA resident who can attend to attend and participate. 
--Bryan Matthey
Pin Oak Village HOA President. 
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